StepSiblingsCaught - Jade Maris - Jayden Marcos - Stepsister Rides Frostys Big Carrot />


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Jade Maris and Jayden Marcos were caught in a rather unusual situation, as they had been seen riding Frostys Big Carrot, an old but well-maintained car. The two are step-siblings and it seems that they had taken the car out for a joyride. Although neighbors had seen them, no one had thought that two step-siblings could be driving around in such an old car. It was only when Frosty, the owner of the car, had come outside to find his beloved vehicle being driven by two kids, that he realized what was going on. He was furious and ran after them, but they were too fast and had already driven away by the time he had reached the street. Fortunately, he was able to get the license plate number, and the police had later managed to locate and apprehend the two step-siblings. Since then, Frosty has kept a closer eye on his car and the two step-siblings have been banned from ever taking it out for a joyride again.

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