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I stood in the hallway as she looked at me confidently. I bent down to take off my shoes, and as I straightened up she came close to me and hypnotized me with her green eyes. I couldn't restrain myself, grabbed her waist and kissed passionately. She didn't retreat and returned the kiss. As I slid my hands down on her hips, it literally unleashed a storm in my crotch. My stick was painfully cramped in narrow jeans, but I didn't mean to leave it that long. I quickly dropped them, my shorts and socks followed. Meanwhile, she helped me to undress my shirt, and I stood in front of her completely naked, with my penis sticking like a pointer straight to her lap. I was almost dying to see what she looked like under the dress, so I quickly began to unbutton the buttons on her chemise. But she suddenly got serious and told me to leave it to her. She walked around me, stopped behind my back, and stroked me all over my body. After a moment she grabbed my log with one hand, gripped it firmly, and grunted in satisfaction. Then she said in a strangely disguised voice:
“That's what I like, but now I want something else. Spank me please!”

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