– Kenzie Madison – Sister Kenzie – S11–E3

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“Can I get you something?” She said, smiling. “Yes?” I was wondering what he wanted.
“Will you kneel? I mean, if I can relate. ” “You can, Peter. Nice to meet you.”
“Kenzie.” She held out her hand. “Now kneel down!”
I knelt down. She began to undress before me. “Come to my bedroom.”
I went. She lay on the bed. “Come. Lick me. Now! ‘

And I wasn't surprised. She had a beautiful shaved pussy. I approached her on the bed. I stroked her first, then licked her. It smelled beautifully. After a moment she began to stretch like a bow and kicked me apart. I was on the ground and she started poking my legs in my mouth.
“Well, c´mon.”
I grasped her leg lightly. I kissed her and licked her tongue nicely between my toes, stroking her entire length. I could feel my bet. What the fuck is that? Does this really make me so excited? Oh my God.
“Kiss me,” she said again and the story began.

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