Lacy Lennon and Mackenzie Moss - Doing Step Bro Together S12-E1

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Lacy smiled and came to us, sipping a bottle of wine, Mackenzie wasn't just looking at her, Lacy plunged in and handed the wine into her smiling Mackenzieadette mouth. Damn, I tried to keep my head cool, but this wasn't a kiss from a friend, so much passion, they continued for a while, literally tasting, then they served at me and exploded with laughter. I guess I was looking like a pipe. The girls told me during a chat in a pub that they both broke up some time ago with their boys and that they actually enjoy summer a bit together and that if I'm okay with it. “If you're okay with that, why shouldn't I be,” I sipped from the bottle and started kissing Lacy, who was sucked on Mackenzieadette's neck, slowly pulling her out of her colored skirt, almost to her ankles, and she stroked her thighs as she ran her hand to her wet panties, the other tickling her side as a sign that she knew the panties aren't just damp. Mackenzie bit her and gave her a bad look. Oh yeah, really horny cousins, I thought…

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