StepSiblingsCaught – Lacy Lennon – Trick For A Treat

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After a quarter of a relaxing massage, it was supposed to improve. He climbed out of me, sat down behind me and started massaging my feet. It was the … almost the greatest pleasure of the entire massage. The best was yet to come. He started to feel my calves, nicely from the bottom up. He asked me if it was nice. I just murmured, yes, because I had no words. Then he moved to his thighs, and it was very pleasant there. Finally, he pulled back the towel from my ass, which scared me a bit because I felt a little wet during the massage. And I dampened more and more as his hands neared my pussy. When I was browsing around her panties allowed him to, he asked me again if I felt comfortable, and I shyly admitted I did. Anyway, my panties had to be wet through through.

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