Mackenzie Mace - I Love My Step Brothers Dick - S18-E5

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Now the stepsiblings are even since they've each gotten an eyeful of the other as they've been in the middle of some personal time.
Eventually, they sit down to breakfast together. He suggests that maybe they should both start locking the door when they're in the middle of their me-time. Mackenzie agrees and thinks that's the end of it, but before she drops it, stepbro decides she wants to see what kind of porn Mackenzie is watching. She realizes that it's stepsibling porn and immediately starts teasing Mackenzie by keeping her phone. He chases Mackenzie into the living room, where she tells him that she'll return the phone if he does what she tells him. She begins by having him take off her socks, then having him kiss her feet. She gets him to kiss higher and higher up her legs until his face is right in her pussy. That's when Mackenzie tells stepbro that this is the key to getting her phone back.

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