Teaching Daddy A Lesson - S13-E10

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And then he proved to me that he has not only a long tongue, but also his own instrument. I had her licked for about two hours before I sent him to kneel in a corner and slept soundly from those orgasmic waves. I yelled at him in the morning, and when he licked it again, I hugged him, trapped his head between his legs, and relaxed. He swallowed everything I gave him in the morning. And have her licked again? Then I saddled him and did it twice more. But I didn't let him do anything! When it came to him, I pulled him out, slapped him, and when he recovered, I pulled him back. Splendor! He went home that day. Desperate, with a tense feather and sore balls. But what was wrong with his balls?…

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