YoungerMommy - Aubree Valentine - Jayden Marcos - I Am Not The Maid

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Aubree Valentine always knew that being a young mother would come with its fair share of challenges, but she never expected to find herself in the situation she was in now. At just 22 years old, she had a beautiful 18-month-old daughter named Lily and was struggling to balance motherhood with her own personal desires and needs. She had been in a committed relationship with her daughter's father, but after a tumultuous breakup, she found herself feeling lonely and longing for physical intimacy. That's when she met Jayden Marcos, a handsome and charming man who seemed to understand her in a way that no one else did.
Their relationship started off innocently enough, with late-night conversations and innocent flirtations. But as their connection deepened, Aubree found herself wanting more. She was drawn to Jayden's confidence and his ability to make her feel desirable and wanted. And one night, after a few glasses of wine, she gave into her desires and ended up in bed with him.
But as she lay there in the afterglow, all she could think about was how this would affect her daughter. She knew that society often judged young mothers, painting them as promiscuous and irresponsible. And she couldn't help but feel guilty for giving into her desires and potentially bringing a man into her daughter's life who may not stay around for long.

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