CumSwappingSis - Ivi Rein - Rika Fane - Stepbrother Knows How To Take Care Of Our Plumbing

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Ivi Rein and Rika Fane are two sisters who have come to terms with their wild side. These two have been participating in a lot of risqué activities, and one of the activities they’ve taken part in is cum swapping. For those who don’t know, cum swapping is when two people exchange semen between their mouths, often while performing oral sex on each other. It’s an extremely intimate act that brings the two people involved closer together. For Ivi and Rika, it has become a way for them to express their love and appreciation for each other, and has also been a way for them to explore their sexuality.
But what these two sisters didn’t expect was their stepbrother, who knows how to take care of their plumbing, to find out about their little secret. He was initially shocked and outraged when he found out, but after talking to them and understanding their reasons for doing what they do, he has since become more accepting. He still doesn’t condone what they do, but he has come to understand that it is something that makes them happy and helps their relationship. He has even offered to help them keep their activities a secret from their parents, should they ever need it. So, while Ivi and Rika may still engage in cum swapping, they at least have the support of their stepbrother in doing so.

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