BrattySis - Britt Blair - Jay Romero - Stepsis Versus Moms Vase

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Bratty Sis Britt Blair and Jay Romero had been flirting with each other for months. And Britt knew that her step mother, Vase, was getting suspicious. She had done her best to try and hide it, but she knew that the game was up and the punishment had to come. Britt was determined not to let Vase catch them in the act, so she and Jay had been extra careful. But one day, they went too far and Vase had caught them in the middle of a passionate embrace. Vase was furious and she had no choice but to confront the two of them. She told Britt that she was not allowed to see Jay anymore and that she would be severely punished for her behavior. Britt was devastated and tried to plead her case, but Vase would not budge. She made it clear that if Britt continued to pursue her relationship with Jay, she would be sent away. Britt and Jay had to face the reality that their secret love affair would have to end. They reluctantly agreed and said goodbye to each other, knowing that they would never be together again.

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