MomWantsToBreed - Anya Olsen as Stepmom Measures Our Dicks

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When Anya Olsen was appointed step-mom to the two brothers, it seemed like a dream come true. She was beautiful, smart, and had a big heart. Little did they know that she had a secret agenda that would soon be revealed. Anya had been instructed by their mother to measure the boys' dicks in order to determine who would be the next heir to her family's business. She had to make sure that the chosen son would have a larger penis than the other brother. Anya was horrified by the idea, but she was loyal to her step-kids' mother and had no choice but to comply. So, Anya took out a ruler and measured each brother's penis length. To her surprise, the results were almost identical! She knew that this wouldn't be enough to determine who would be the chosen one, so she resorted to other methods. She began to measure the circumference of the boys' dicks and the thickness of their shafts. She also compared their sperm count and semen volume. After all was done, Anya was able to determine which son had the superior manhood. Even though this was a strange and uncomfortable process for Anya, she knew that it was necessary in order for her step-kids to have a prosperous future. Thankfully, both brothers were able to accept Anya's decision and remain close with her.

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