FamilySwap Jewelz Blu - Kit Mercer - Daddy Gives Gold Stars - S1:E7

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As he got into her crotch and cleaned her blond hair from his sperm, Jindra's peg slowly began to stiffen again, and his acorn rested on the wet fabric of his shorts, which still cooled him uncomfortably. Honza began to help himself with his other hand's cleansing. The moment he got into the labia area, he inadvertently spread them lightly. Maybe it was this situation, but he lost his balance, staggered and almost attacked Mrs. Mořkovská. So that he would not fall on her, he leaned on the bed with his hand in which he was holding his pajamas, and the thumb of his other hand inadvertently slipped between her labia and it disappeared inside. Quickly but carefully, he pulled his thumb out with a slight clap…

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