StepSiblingsCaught Lily Larimar - Morgan Rain - My Step Sister Has A Girlfriend - S14-E10

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He studied her. Lily tossed a restless strand of hair behind her ear. She flexed her leg and scratched her heel. For a moment, the white of her panties flashed under her skirt. She enjoyed the way He tried not to look at her instead. “Actually, you might know something about that,” she added after a moment. “What?” He asked. Lily looked into his eyes. She saw in them his restlessness but also his curiosity. And she saw something her younger horny brother didn't notice. Beginning bulge on the pants. “Somehow I couldn't sleep last night,” she said, and Peter's heart almost stopped at that moment. Lily decided to go straight to the point and keep torturing him. She stretched her long, tanned leg. He placed his foot on his brother's knee. She felt him jerk, and his hand instinctively gripped her instep. “Should I put her away?” She asked with a smile. “No, you don't have to,” Peter stammered. “When Machacek gave us a lecture today, he said most men are excited by a woman's legs,” Morgan said, moving her leg a little higher.

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