MyFamilyPies - Ashley Wolf - Kyler Quinn - Sia Lust - Family First - S23E5

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Encouraged by her friends, Ashley tugs her thong down and flips up her miniskirt to show her ass and pussy. She crawls into the doghouse to get into a real doggy style position. Their fun comes to an abrupt end when Kyler tells her that's enough and Ashley realizes she's stuck! That's when Ricky returns to the room. Ashley's friends abandon her to hide behind the couch, which leaves Ricky really confused about why there's a girl in his doghouse with her pussy hanging out. Ashley tries to act like it's a joke, telling whoever is there to put his dick in. To her surprise, Ricky takes her up on it and begins fucking her in doggy. Kyler and Sia love what they're seeing. Thinking they're hidden behind the couch, they begin making out to the sound of Ricky banging his stepsister. When Ricky notices the other two girls, he abandons Ashley and goes to the couch so they can enjoy his charms.

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