MyFamilyPies Emma Hix - Secret Agent Step Dad - S16-E2

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They each hugged me on one side and slowly maneuvered me into the bedroom. Emma laid me on the bed, unbuttoned my skirt, and pulled it off. Jack meanwhile took off his pants at the door and lay down next to me only in tight black boxers. Emma reached over me, laid my head in her lap, and left her friend room to maneuver. He lay between my legs and sucked my left nipple into my mouth. I arched my back. It was beautiful, so beautiful, that I felt that bringing me to orgasm would not be difficult today. Jack fumbled with his hand on my thigh, stepped higher on it, and stopped at the hem of his panties. I lifted my ass so he could pull it off. He moved lower and pressed a small kiss to my shell. I jerked my hips. I wanted more, no, I needed more! He spread my veils and plunged his tongue into me. Such pleasure, my God, it was such pleasure… I didn't hold on and moaned out loud. What I dreamed of was confirmed. Jack was not only beautiful and sexy, but he could do it in bed.

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