PetiteHDPorn Sweet Hale Petite Playmate - S1-E3

Suddenly her weight dropped a little lower, now sitting on his knees. With one hand outstretched, she then bent down and licked his abdomen with a long stroke of her tongue. Peter shivered, it was so pleasant. Then Hale licked the tip of the acorn lightly. She stuttered, his taste inflamed her. A little salty, slightly bitter, but the best she'd ever tasted. It was as if she was holding a handful of coins in her hand for a long time in the hot summer and then licking her hand. The metallic flavor was there too. She bent down and continued licking his body higher and higher, stopping at her nipples for a moment. She played with them with her tongue for a moment, and she couldn't help but notice John trembling every time she touched them with the tip of her tongue. In a moment they were as hard as her own. Then she advanced even higher, licking John's neck with her tongue to her chin. Hale moved a little higher and her hot womb fumbled with the tip of his cock.

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