Kiara Cole and Scarlett Mae - What Happens On Easter - S8-E1

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Kiara smiled at me in a special way, in a way that stirred his thoughts, agitated his chest and warmed his lap. Scarlett went to him and rocked. “I don’t think one nonsense …” she said, bringing her mouth close to him, wiping her breasts against his chest and hiding his dick and balls in her hands … “The little three will be so terrible.”

As they dropped to her knees, Kiara pulled back his zipper and fished his lips off his pants with his lips, and he lifted the white banner of surrender. Once he did, he had to suppress his fears and fears; however, he could not erase the fact that, as he knew, he was going against his nature and agrees with something potentially very dangerous. “Okay,” he thought, “it’s better to bravely risk marriage than to let it fall apart.”

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