That Sitcom Show - Bunny Colby - Ella Knox - Quinn - Wilde Facts Of Lust Truth Or Dare - S2-E8

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I looked shyly at Ella, a clear choice. She smiled encouragingly at me, stepped out of the circle and held out her hand. She stepped close to me and hugged me around my waist. She first gave me a sister's ritual kiss on her forehead and then kissed my lips and started stripping me of all uppers. I repeated her gestures. I slipped into her mouth and our tongues began to play a seductive game. Bunny was obviously more experienced, her hands gliding over my skin and grasping my ass lasciviously. We lay down on the carpet and kissed more passionately. Our chests rubbed against each other, and the heat radiating from Ella deprived me of shame. I did not perceive the views of the surroundings, I kissed Bunny on the neck, then the nipple, the belly button, and finally settled in her lap. I licked her pink bud against the tip of her tongue, until goose bumps started. For a moment I nibbled sweet nectar, and finally, with two fingers, I entered the narrow slit and began to ring it. Quinn didn't let us play for a long time. She turned me on my back and began to reciprocate my affection. Finally, we locked ourselves together and hornyly rubbed our clits with each other in frantic kissing.

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