Natasha Nice in Thicc Sister Challenge

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I grabbed the bra on my hips and quickly jerked it up, the tits jumped out of it, shaking for a moment. I pulled her over my head and Alena pulled her hands out of her. I tossed my bra into the sink, grabbed my panties on my sides and quickly pulled to her ankles, raised one leg, the other and they were already in the sink. The towel around my loins slipped to the ground, but now I wasn't afraid, I quickly poured water on the cloths and started rubbing it between my fingers. “Now leave it and wipe my belly.” I turned to Natasha. She stood facing me, slightly straddled. She raised both hands above her head and looked into my eyes. I reached for the washcloth, my limb began to rise quickly. I soaked her and started wiping her both breasts, not in a hurry. She opened her mouth and took a breath. Slowly I swung my belly in a circular motion, and even lower, exhaled and lowered my hands, slowly moving my washcloth over the fur coat, then lower. Natasha started sighing, letting the washcloth slip out of my fingers and running my palms flat from front to back, back and forth. With my thumb and middle finger, I opened the large labia and ran my forefinger from behind between my small lips and went on to my clit. I swirled gently around a few times and drove back through the little lips to the anal opening. On the way back, I pressed my finger a little against the edge of the vagina, but immediately went back to the clit. Swirl on the cap and the back with a small penetration at the edge of the vagina and back again. On each journey the forefinger penetrated a little deeper into her sweet pussy.

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