NubileFilms Leo Casanova - Nelya Jorden - Vincent Vega - Enough For Two - S38E28

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Moving further down Nelya's body, Leo lifts her miniskirt and pushes her panties aside to dip his head between her thighs. He flicks out his tongue, and at his first sample of her pussy juices he knows he's lost. Lapping away at Nelya's creamy twat, he makes sure that she's nice and wet. Slipping a finger into her creamy snatch to make sure Nelya is ready for him, Leo whips out his hardon and slides inside. After a few long strokes, Leo curls up behind Nelya so that they are spooning together as they enjoy the rock of each other's hips. When Leo lifts Nelya's leg to drive a little bit deeper into her sheath, her moans urge him to go faster. Vincent is also happy to oblige, picking up the pace until Nelya's breasts are jiggling in time to his strokes.

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